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Four Simple Steps to Keeping Your Social Media Presence Flowing

by on September 7, 2011
Whether your goal is to land that big job you’ve been seeking, attract employers to you or create your own career through becoming a solopreneur an easy four step strategy will simplify the  social media process for you and make it doable.
For solopreneurs the internet is an invaluable tool that levels the playing field with the big brands.  Using social media as leverage can help solopreneurs  find the clients and customers who will most benefit from their products and services.
It all begins with building a community and a brand, in essence, creating the culture of your business and inviting people in to take part.
Remember social media is just that – its “social”…creating a static, one way flow of information will not help you much in this world and it can also be overwhelming and hard to gauge, but having a strategy that is doable, and maintainable helps you stay on target.
I suggest the following…

Connect – this is where the “social” in social media comes into play and it is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART – the point is to connect with others, not just run up your numbers, but get to know people, talk to them, exchange information with them.  People are more likely to become fully fledged members of your community when they feel an alliance with you.

Inspire – what relates to your business that can inspire others?  Remember, its all about the story.  In today’s world people need inspiration, if they find it from you, they are likely to connect.

Educate – If you have cool, fun, informative, mind blowing information to share with your community surrrounding common interests do it – many people find their best knowledge through social media.  This will keep clients and customers coming back for more.

Entertain – Who doesn’t need a laugh?  There are many ways to entertain…I would almost say this should be “entertain/enlighten” because I think you can do both…but this is also a good way to deepen your connections and bonds with your community and further the mission of your business.

If you do all four of these on a regular basis, you will organically earn the right to promote yourself or your services…your community will want to know, just as you will want to know from them, what they are promoting…and you can do it in a way that isn’t overbearing, pushy or salesy…you can do it in a way that is more real…you have skills, talents, services that they need and this is a way to let people know.
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