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Why No One Can Afford to Miss the Social Media Train

by on September 15, 2011

courtesy of ivanpw under flickr Creative Commons License

There is a great article in Inc. Magazine this month regarding Social Media.  They interviewed the guys who created Blog World & New Media Expo (taking place this year from November 3-5 in Los Angeles).

Rick Calvert and Dave Cynkin talk about how businesses, particularly small businesses can no longer ignore social media…its not an option!  They call it the great equalizer, in that it helps small businesses have more reach and large businesses act small again by interacting directly with their customers.

They also talk about the fact that just like everyone is expected to know how to use a computer (and the software that comes with it) today — whether you are looking for a traditional job or starting your own business, knowledge of Social Media will soon be an expectation.

There is a great quote in the article that the guys like to repeat themselves from Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media:  “You are not too old to learn social media;  you’re just lazy.”  Harsh words?  Maybe.  But look for the grain of truth.  Have you met anyone recently who drives a model T Ford? 🙂

Where do you fall?  Are you an early adopter of these kinds of trends?  Or a resister?  How can we help?  We’ll be talking about all sorts of ways you can work Social Media into your strategies next Tuesday night.  Don’t miss it.

You can also read the article for yourself.

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