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Three most common misperceptions of Facebook

by on September 21, 2011

Change your life and career, using Social Media Image courtesy of Marla Dennis

 By Marla Dennis, Personal Branding Expert/Social Media Savvy Coach

I know you know how important it is to use Facebook as a networking tool. You may have heard positive stories from your friends and associates in how using FB and Twitter attracted clients and customers; and even brought them closer to lost relatives and friends.

BUT, emotionally that voice inside you says, “No way, I’m not getting out there!”  You just want a smart, savvy, strategic, streamlined way to make using Social Media easier and make sense to your emotions. (It’s coming!)

Here are three most common misperceptions of Facebook or Twitter (no fault of your own):

1. Who cares what I post on FB or Twitter? 

2. I don’t have the time – it’s too much work

 3. I’m a private person; I don’t want people knowing my life.

Here are my answers to these legitimate concerns that define what is possible for you.  My respected clients have come to know the truth and reality of the power of their personal brand while using Facebook and Twitter:

Who cares what I post on Facebook?

When you are strategic with whom you allow into your friend community and invite to your fan page, the “right” people will not only care about what you post, they will engage with you and want to build relationships. There are topics of interest to post that will create engagement and interaction, which I will discuss on Wed evening, promise J

I don’t have the time – it’s too much work

I agree it is a lot work when you don’t have a simple system and strategy. There is a “method to the madness” of social media where it creates lead generation and quality contacts for personal and professional development. I do not want you on Facebook longer than 10-15 min a day (M-F) using both your smart-phone and laptop! It’s all about being streamlined. Your time is precious. FB time is revenue producing time. The amount of people interested in you and your expertise is vast and plentiful on Facebook. Be smart. Get on it! You are honestly leaving quality relationships, rich info, and money on the table each day you avoid learning how to use this expansive tool. I’ll give you info on Wed night on the tool I most use and recommend to my clients to save them time on Facebook while gaining the best visibility.

I’m a private person; I don’t want people knowing my life.

Many of us are private. However, there are ways to be SAVVY and sophisticated with your content – that turns you into a respected contributor to Facebook and people’s lives. Learn how to reveal just enough to create engagement and interest while delivering a brilliant personal brand that builds your reputation and business revenues. Plus there are privacy settings to ease your mind. 🙂

Take advantage of my 20+ years of Hollywood branding expertise combined with my creative social media and online marketing systems to make LIFE easier for you. Your easiest way to get started is my eGuide, “Step into the Spolight with Confidence, Savvy & Ease: A Business eGuide to Personal Branding in a Social Reward Economy.” I’ll have an opportunity for your to order a copy at the panel discussion on Wed!

See you then!

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