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Jennifer Oliver O’Connell

As the Girl Turns
As the Girl Turns Blog
As the Girl Turns on Facebook
As the Girl Turns on Twitter
Tuesdays with Transitioners

Jennifer is a Writer, Reinvention Coach, and Yoga instructor. She blogs at As the Girl Turns, is the Los Angeles Faith & Community Examiner for, and has written columns for World Radio Online, and the YL Harmonics.

Jennifer founded Tuesdays with Transitioners, a support group for those who have been laid-off, downsized, or are looking to make a career transition. Because of her work with job seekers, Jennifer was asked to be a part of a Jobs Club panel in Washington, D.C., hosted by the United States Secretary of Labor’s Office of Faith-based initiatives and Neighborhood partnerships.

Jennifer is also the co-founder and co-chair of CareerCamp International, a conference/unconference that helps participants build the careers they deserve. Jennifer speaks at other job clubs and career venues on such topics as: “10 Things to Do While You’re Looking”, “Rethink. Refocus. Reinvent”, “How to Build an Enduring Career Reputation”, and “Career Branding and YOU.”


Douglas E. Welch

Douglas E. Welch
Douglas E. Welch on Twitter 

Dougla is a writer, Social Media guru, and the host of Career Opportunities and several other podcasts and blogs.  These include Career Opportunities: Helping to Build the Career You Deserve, TechnologyIQ, Careers in New Media, My Word and A Gardener’s Notebook.  His work has been published in Wired, MacWorld, and Los Angeles Times.

Douglas is also the founder and chair of  CareerCamp International, a conference/unconference that helps participants build the careers they deserve.  He has written and produced over 300 individual episodes and conducts podcasting seminars for schools and businesses.

Susan M. Baker

Escape Hatcher
Escape Hatcher on Facebook
Escape Hatcher on Twitter

Susan M. Baker is an actress, producer and owner of Escape Hatcher, which offers ideas, guidance, tips, tools & resources to both aspiring and established service-based solopreneurs and creative artists. Susan does this by helping you Hatch (bring into being) your Escape Plan (plan you will put into action step by step to escape your current bad situation and achieve your desired goal) one dream at a time.

Marla Dennis
Marla Dennis on Facebook
Marla Dennis on Twitter
Social Media Savvy on Facebook
Marla Dennis’ Blog

Marla Dennis, a 22-year Entertainment Public Relations expert and now Social Media strategist/personal branding expert, coaches and mentors entertainment professionals (Writers, Directors, Producers), Dentists, women entrepreneurs, and other lifestyle business owners in strategic personal branding for Social Media success.

Her vast experience in designing personal brands and marketing for celebrities, visual and performing artists segued into the world of entrepreneurship three years ago.

She inspires imagination and possibility thinking. She guides positive-minded, highly-motivated, results-oriented, creative entrepreneurs and Dentists how to clearly communicate an authentic personal brand that builds quality online communities for higher revenues supported by Universal law principles. What that means is she coaches you how to be more conscious in your intentions, smarter and streamlined with your strategies aligned with the Law of Increase for all.

Her progressive coaching company is a perfect fit for those ready to master and monetize their personal brand with a Social Media and Online marketing system.

Marla believes that we live in the age of storytelling, and that your brand is your story – the soul of your message that connects you to your audience.  Marla seeks to build a movement of enlightened successful entrepreneurs who change the world one conscious thought, feeling, and action at a time through their purpose-driven businesses and marketing.


Colton Stenke

Colton Stenke
Colton Stenke on Facebook 

Colton is a local life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance agent with New York Life, providing a macro-economic approach to risk management and wealth accumulation for families and businesses.

Colton’s insurance practice focuses on creating long-lasting relationships with his clients by breaking down the concepts of insurance into easily accessible terms that put his clients in the drivers seat to make truly powerful decisions.

Colton’s background comes from the arts and non-profit sector and he is currently a director of the Co/Lab art fair, in conjunction with the Armory’s Art Platform Los Angeles, to be held Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2011.

Denise L. Cook — “The Oracle”

The Oracle Speaks
Denise L. Cook on Twitter
Denise L. Cook on Facebook
Denise L. Cook on Reverb Nation

Denise L. Cook — “The Oracle” is an award-winning author, poet, singer/songwriter and publisher.
Her motto: ‘Paint a picture you can see, hear, feel, smell and taste, all in a word….’ and she is committed to sharing the word in any way, form, fashion or manner possible.

Denise possesses degrees in Dance, Fine Arts and Education. She is well known as a philanthropist for her unending volunteerism at Hollywood High Performing Arts Center, is a Board Member of the Hollywood Film Advisory Board, and on the Honorary Advisory Board of the Rose Breast Cancer Society.

Denise is the published Author of two books of positive, motivational and inspirational poetry, prose and song, a new music CD, and has recently begun production on her first music video.

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